Mar 12, 2011

ST1100 Mileage - More Parts Required

The mileage rolls on. Nearly 460,000 kms in fact. It is not without a few aches and pains along the way.

Take for example the latest list of parts my bike requires. The following photo shows the queue of waiting parts.

In the above photo, you can see an entire exhaust system, a rear differential, a wheel spline, and a fuel sender.

As detailed in these posts, my bike's exhaust system
and rear drive splines are shot:


My winter maintenance has turned into a repair job. The bike is coming apart. The exhaust system came from Montana, and the rear differential came from New York City. The fuel sender from Forest City Honda right here in town. This will be my third exhaust system and my third fuel sender. Damned unreliable Honda parts, eh?

Here are two pics I took the last time I changed out the exhaust:

New-to-me system is on the left.

The hole is my bike's original exhaust system can be seen
on the bottom.

I will attempt to get a close up shot of my worn splines, and the nice splines on my replacement parts in order to show the difference.

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