Feb 9, 2011

KLR Troubles

The 2002 KLR650 seems to be having troubles these days. Sounds familiar. In hopes of having some winter fun with it, I brought it to Inglis Cycle Centre in London, Ontario, to have it re-jetted. It was difficult to start in the cold and was hoping to get it set up a little better.

Well as it turns out, the KLR is hard to start for another reason. The intake valves are worn so much the area that comes into contact with the seat is worn to a sharp point. The valve now raises high enough that there is no clearance between the shims and the camshaft, and the seat is compromised so much that there is not adequate compression.

If this had been the exhaust side, it probably would have burned.

The exhaust system is also rusted. The muffler is so rusted it is beyond saving.

The solution is new valve hardware and a new muffler. Since I am in this far, I will also be replacing the rings and possibly the piston itself. The crosshatch is still visible on the cylinder walls so there is hope the piston can be re-used, but the rings will be refreshed with new.

The cylinder head is in good shape. No work required on this piece at all, thankfully.

After doing the doohickey and installing grease nipples in the rear suspension, I am inclined to keep this bike running. The bike has only 55,000 kms on the clock, but has worked hard. It has taken me to some cool places, and will do so again.

Perhaps the ice studs will go onto the Yamaha XT225 instead...

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