Oct 27, 2011

Mileage Milestone

Yesterday my odometer rollup to to the point you see in the photo. Looks odd, but when you apply the simple kilometre to mile conversion of .62, it equals 300,000 miles.

That's a pretty high and notable figure. In actual fact, if a more accurate conversion is applied, it is something like 300,600 miles.

No need for hair splitting, however. The number that matters most to me has yet to arrive. That number is 500,000 kilometres.

Half a million.

I'm not going to get there in 2011. But that figure should occur around May 2012 timeframe.

This winter I will give the Green Hornet a nice refresh with new fluids, filters, plugs, and brake pads in order that spring riding starts up and continues smoothly.

Stay tuned!

Oct 8, 2011

Back In Action

Bearings are in. Gord Inglis of Inglis Cycle Centre located the correctly sized bearings and he put them in last night after the shop closed.

I can't thank him enough for getting his hands dirty and fixing me up on short notice. I may have said it before, but Inglis Cycle Centre is a well run shop with knowledgeable and helpful employees. It is not the first time they saved my ass.

Here is a picture of Gord and my ST1100 rear wheel.

Oct 7, 2011

Secrets of the successful motorcyclist

I have an article published on the Halifax Chronicle Herald website. It is all about doing more miles safely and comfortably.

Click here to go the the site.

ST1100 Rear Tire

Well this is the second time this year that I have run over something with the ST and ruined a tire. I am on a ride now and about an hour from home and I detected the telltale shimmy of a broken belt or extra weight in the rear tire.

A new tire is already on order.

The first time this happened to me I was in Quebec. I had to stop for the night and go to a tire shop in the morning in Riviere du Loup. Amazingly, they had my correct size and tire in stock. The Bridgestone Exedra G548.

I'll nurse it home from here at low speed, but I won't like it. Here is a photo of the current mileage.