Mar 24, 2010

Did The Doohickey

Today I completed a further step towards getting my KLR6500 back on the road. I replaced the balancer chain idler pulley. This part is commonly referred to in the world of the KLR650 as the "doohickey."

I won't bore you with describing the whole procedure. It can be found here:

Something not updated in this procedure is the new spring design pioneered by Mike of Eagle Design and Mfg. I bought my kit, including the custom wrench and rotor puller, from A Vicious Cycle in New Dundee, Ontario. Great place for dirt bike and dual sport enthusiasts.

The new torsion spring is not discussed in the above procedure. For that, the instructions can be found at Left Coast KLRs.

Here are a few pictures from my own experience. I should say that with the above instructions, there were no surprises whatsoever.

My setup - I used ratcheting straps to tie the motor down
as a lot of torque is necessary to remove the rotor inside.

Close up of the left side strap. I removed the strap from
the ratcheting mechanism to thread it behind the oil
line which feeds the head.

Wider view- the back of a pickup truck is the perfect
work area. D-rings to hold the motor right at waist level.

This view shows my work lights. Plenty of light!

Left side cover removed showing the stator. The
rotor is still on the engine.

Torque on the rotor bolt is 130 ft.lbs. This custom
wrench holds the rotor/engine from turning.
Worked great!

Here is my old doohickey on the left. A welded part.
New doo on the right is machined from solid billet.

Vacuuming off engine before removing second
engine casing in order to access old spring.

This original spring, at 45,000 kms, has lost
all of it's pulling ability.

The engine casing has been drilled out to accept
the new torsion spring - shown.

Inner engine casing, torsion spring, and new
doohickey are applied. Using tack lifter
to stretch spring into place.

Here the spring is in place, and pushed back into the
groove on the doohickey. No more weak extension
spring or welded part.

Re-tightening the rotor bolt.

Mar 7, 2010

First Ride of 2010

It felt great to be riding the motorcycle today. It was unseasonably warm and I took full advantage. Not a big ride, but a very satisfying one. Can't wait for the next one.