Oct 16, 2010

ST1100 Rolls Again

The ST1100 is once again rolling. In lieu of a new exhaust system - which I have waiting in the wings for a winter change-out - I have patched the exhaust system.

I first tried red exhaust tape which melts and molds to fill cracks. My complete break being so much more than that, it wouldn't hold the canister - which is only supported by one bolt - from moving and was totally inadequate. So I applied a solution that is often effective in mobile applications: I wired it.

Nope, still moving too much, and now the red tape was bulging out through the wire when the bike was running. Next step was heavy duty aluminum foil with stainless steel band clamps. Well wouldn't ya know, the thing is holding. Ugly as sin is this back-alley repair but it is doing the trick. I have been running the bike this way for weeks and it is holding.

Should get me through the meagre fall riding that remains.

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