Mar 19, 2012

Great Riding Today

It's another superb riding day in March in SW Ontario. I am off to Stratford Cycle to pick up an air and fuel filter for the ST.

I will be breaking in my new Alpinestar Goretex boots I got for Christmas. Excellent boots; comfortable and dry in all conditions.

Mar 18, 2012

New (To Me) Radiator

With thanks to Will England and Mike Turley of the ST Owners Club, I have a new (to me) radiator on my high mileage Honda ST1100. I have the exhaust system from this same motorcycle on the bike currently. The rad was delivered to me at the same time but I haven't needed it until now.

The rad has been in need of replacement lately as the fins are in poor shape and it is heavily gummed up. I was originally planning to remove the original rad to bring it to a rad shop to have it acid bathed and the fins looked at.

Removing the radiator yesterday, I broke a bracket on the rad as I was removing the fan. A seized bolt caused the bracket to twist and crack as I turned.

So my backup radiator was brought into action. Here is the photo.

Brake Job

The mild snow free winter and early spring warmth has meant an early return to daily riding and I need to get a jump on my maintenance or I'm going to be left behind.

Two jobs needing immediate attention are the front brakes (which have been squeeling for some time) and the radiator. The original radiator is gummed up badly and has a lot of bent fins.

I have a replacement radiator ready to go on after I finish the front brakes. Here is a photo of the brake pads I removed.