Jun 27, 2010

Annual Maintenance Complete (Whew!)

It feels good when all the maintenance on the motorcycles is up to date.

I just completed a round of maintenance on the KLR650 and the ST1100. Here is what I did.


  • fork oil
  • flush front and rear brake fluid
  • flush and fill radiator
  • motor oil and filter
  • clean foam air filter and re-oil
  • new spark plug
  • sonic wash and completely overhaul the carburetor
  • remove coolant overflow tank, clean and refill
(and that's besides doing the doohickey inside the engine and installing
grease nipples on the rear suspension)

  • fork oil
  • replace blown headlight bulb
  • flush and fill radiator
  • remove, clean, and refill coolant overflow bottle
  • flush front and rear brake lines with new fluid
  • replace differential fluid
  • clean and re-grease speedometer cable core
  • flush clutch line with new fluid
  • engine oil and filter
  • carburetor synchronization
  • valve clearance check
  • (plugs, filters, clutch, timing belt, and water pump were new last year)

I also did some maintenance on Jane's Yamaha XT225

  • flush front brake line with new fluid
  • engine oil and filter
  • Clean and re-oil air filter
  • Apply grease to all the rear suspension grease fittings
  • replace leaking base gasket between cylinder and engine block

We should be ready for our excursion to James Bay in Northern Quebec in a week.

Jun 1, 2010

First Long Ride of 2010

It was the middle of May, 2010, and I managed to get away for the first long ride of 2010.

It was mostly cold and rainy on my way from London, Ontario, to Moncton, New Brunswick.

In fact, it was cold most of the time I was there, and rainy.


I did experience a few nice days in my week and a half in the Maritimes. Here is a photo from my ride to Prince Edward Island. My first attempt at riding there on this trip was canceled due to severe rain.

I was also in the beautiful city of Halifax, Nova Scotia. Overall a wonderful trip.