Mar 30, 2009

Welcome To The New Silliker.Ca

Welcome to my new website. If you have visited before, you will notice the new layout immediately.

My friend Mike Reid, who introduced me to motorcycling, had been hosting this website on his server for many years. He was very gracious and with his help, I had been able to post of my motorcycling adventures.

My problems were my inability to post often enough. Any additions to the website were being done with an HTML editor, formatting text and photos and then uploading the whole works via FTP and then checking and adjusting the formatting. It was a time consuming process.

Now using the Blogger system, all entries can be made online via any web browser. I am typing this on a small 9" laptop while lying in bed! It is much easier and quicker. It also adds the blog functionality, which I have been interested in trying. This website also does a decent job of categorizing posts.

I will eventually port over all my riding stories. Some have already been brought over. I look forward to exploring all the possibilities this new platform has to offer.

Thanks for logging in!


  1. Gord's idea should work, and I like the idea of a machinist friend. Need to use a lathe to drill the center hole... and not weaken the shaft significantly. How is the moisture getting in there in the first place, no or poor bearing seals??

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Vaughn. Moisture must be getting in at the junction of the linkage and the frame, and wicking along the bolt and between the bolt and the inner sleeve/bearing race. There is no real seal there. I suppose you could call it a design weakness. This bolt needs to be kept greased. They say the Belray grease is waterproof, but I don't know how long it will last.