Mar 31, 2009

The KLR Project - Got The Bolt and Bearings Out

On Monday, March 30th, I finally was able to get the frame on a hydraulic press to remove the stuck pivot bolt.

Thanks to Inglis Cycle Centre in London, Ontario and Gord Inglis for his help.

It took a lot of force to remove the stuck pivot bolt for the rear shock linkage. But it finally broke free. The sleeve inside the linkage was fused by rust to the bolt.

In the above picture, rust is visible inside the tubes of the frame.

We also used the press to remove all of the bearings from the shock linkage and the swingarm.

The next step will be to strip the swingarm, and thoroughly clean the link so that they can be drilled and grease nipples installed.

Gord had a good idea that may prevent the sleeve from rusting to the pivot bolt in the future. He suggested a grease nipple be installed on the pivot bolt, with a small hole down the middle of the bolt, and a small hole drilled through the radius of the bolt to where it will eject grease underneath the sleeve. In order to get the plastic cap back on the right side where the bolt head is, I may have to remove the grease nipple and install a plug.

Interesting idea that I will discuss with my machinist friend.

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