Mar 11, 2009

Cross Canada - Stats From My 2001 Record Ride

RIDE LOG Trans Canada 75

Thane Silliker 1998 Honda ST1100

July 3/018:45AM ADTHalifax PD175693 kmsign witness form
July 3/019:09AM ADTHalifax, NS175695 kmstart receipt
July 3/0110:27AM ADTGreat Village, NS175827 kmCobequid Pass toll
July 3/011:47PM ADTPokiok, NB176217 kmgas
July 3/015:20PM EDTSte Foy, QC176743 kmgas
July 3/018:21PM EDTSt Jovite, QC177099 kmgas, add heated liner
July 3/0110:45PM EDTLac Gatineau, QC177302 kmsleep 15min
July 4/012:23AM EDTRouyn Noranda, QC177605 kmgas, sleep 20min
July 4/015:10AM EDTCochrane, ON177888 kmsleep 10min
July 4/018:28AM EDTKlotz Lake, ON178224 kmgas, did not fill ($0.93/L!) *
July 4/019:01 AM EDTLonglac, ON178271 kmgas, phone, personal needs 45 min **
July 4/0112:19PM EDTThunder Bay, ON178571 kmgas
July 4/012:45PM CDTBorrup's Corners, ON178826 kmsleep 20min
July 4/014:14PM CDTKenora, ON179057 kmgas
July 4/018:38PM CDTVirden, MB179571 kmgas
July 5/0112:00AM MDTMoose Jaw, SK179931 kmsleep 15min
July 5/011:20AM MDTMorse, SK180037 KMsleep 40min
July 5/012:46AM MDTSwift Current, SK180108 kmgas
July 5/015:10AM MDTRosemary, AB180466 kmsleep 20min
July 5/016:57AM MDTCalgary, AB180626 kmgas
July 5/0110:34AM PDTRevelstoke, BC181038 kmgas
July 5/012:43PM PDTCoquihalla Summit, BC181398 kmtoll receipt
July 5/015:00PM PDTVancouver PD181604 kmwitness form

* Klotz Lake fishing camp is 45 km east of Longlac, ON. I almost ran out of gas, couldn't make Longlac.
** The only time I removed my helmet from Halifax to Vancouver!

Total elapsed time 65h 02m 59h 51m
Gas stops 2113
Bathroom stops212
Helmet removedthree timesonce
Average Speed 89.5km/h99.9km/h

Additions for 2001 record.
  • Auxiliary fuel cell
  • catheter
  • Valentine radar locator
  • all food for entire trip consumed while riding from tail pack on rear seat
In 1999, all food was consumed while riding, but from tank bag a bit at a time. This required moving food in steps from tail trunk to tank bag and throwing out garbage while stopped for gas.

This time-consuming step was eliminated by having all food available right behind me for 2001, with a spare pocket for garbage. Route was slightly shorter in 2001.

The day before starting my ride.

My starting receipt.
I used the very same pump I finished my record with in 1999.

Taken during my record ride.

The only visible part of my 'system.'

Less than 60 hours later, getting my finishing form signed in Vancouver


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  4. just bought a 2000 ST1100 two months ago. Somewhere in the back of my mind was a memory of your trip across country on one. Always wanted an ST likely due to the high speed mile crunching big range that your record run proved. Anyway, this past weekend I wanted a small taste of what the bike can do. Left Comox around 3:20 and one ferry run and 25 hours later I was in Moose Jaw. BC was a wreck with the insane traffic and constant construction going on. Once I hit AB the miles started. At the Sask border area in the dark I kept just missing the carcasses of deer and maybe one sheep? Throw in the raccoons and dead foxes and I was getting nervous. They were almost impossible to see even as I slowed down dramatically. I still felt good physically in Moose Jaw but mentally was tired of running the scenario or my front wheel hitting a low lying deer that I called it a night. Spent the nest two days retracing my tracks. 1900 kms straight is my new record in poor conditions no less. In ideal conditions my mind wanders as to what if.
    Anyway, thanks for inspiring me a long time ago and still having the yardstick to chase. Steve