Aug 26, 2011

ST1100 Travels

I've made two trips to the Maritime provinces with the ST so far this year. Amazingly, I didn't need long underwear on either trip. It can get cold in eastern Quebec and northern New Brunswick.

I did use some heat, though. Both times, I retained the summer weight gloves. This meant I could use my defective new Gerbing heated liner. You may recall that the glove output plugs on this garment don't work. But the rest of it works, including the heat controller, which is invaluable for maintaining just the right temperature.

My left side grip heater also quit working in the fall at the same time the glove plugs quit. That was a very cold ride at minus 4 Celsius.

On this year's long rides, I brought along my trusty 11 year old Gerbing which has working glove plugs - just in case. The only problem with using the old Gerbing is it uses older SAE dual prong power inputs, which my heat controller does not work with. So it is either full on or completely off. A pain, but warm when you need it.

Which brings me to today's work. I replaced the defective left side grip heater. Still not necessary in southern Ontario, but *cringe* the fall riding season is coming. Here is a pic of the new one going on.

Whenever the local dealer gets my replacement wires, I will repair my new Gerbing heated jacket liner glove plugs.

Here is a pic from Halifax. There doesn't seem to be any more "Welcome To Halifax" signs anywhere. If you know of one, please let me know!

and another, dualsporting with a touring bike...

OK, just one more. This is the excellent seafood at the Bel Air Takeout and Restaurant in Cap-Pele, New Brunswick. Highly recommended.

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