Jul 1, 2011

New Tires And Canada Day

I love getting new tires. The KiLleR gets two new pairs of shoes today. They are the Continental TKC80 that I have heard about on ADVRider. I ride dirt often and am looking forward to seeing how they run on dirt AND street.

The ST gets a new rear tire after suffering two nails in it last week on the way to the Cheektowaga checkpoint of the Iron Butt Rally. It is, as always, the excellent Bridgestone Exedra G548. (The front is a G547)

Happy Canada Day!


  1. this is seeming a wonderful and strong wheel. Is it available only for bikes? or also for cars?

  2. Well, that made my day. Glad to be of service. Actually, Canadian Tire once had me riled up. I bought some tires there for my 1977 Honda Civic, and they did not last very long.

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