Sep 14, 2012

KLR Shifter

So I was riding along my road minding my own business when on my left a huge dog came galloping out of a driveway at full speed. I moved to the right to avoid him but he didn't slow down and nailed me hard right into my left foot.

He hit me so hard that my foot was driven into the shift lever and it snapped right off! I saw the dog tumbling on the road and started to slow and turn around to check on him. I coldn't make it back because I was in top gear and couldn't downshift-the engine lugged and stalled. I pushed the bike back after getting stopped.

The dog had a bloody face and there was blood on my riding pants. He was visibly shaken but walking. I borrowed a pair of pliers to use on the transmission shaft to downshift the bike so I could get it going and ride it the few kilometres home.

I have a spare shift lever in the garage but my toes are so sore I can't shift so I won't be riding it anyway. I can't drive the truck either as it's a standard and it hurts too much to depress the clutch pedal. The only thing I can ride is Jane's Suzuki Burgman 400 scooter!

The broken shifter - removed from bike

The new shift lever installed

My badly bruised toe.

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