Sep 20, 2011

KLR Nerf Bars

I saw this KLR650 today that has Nerf Bars protecting the bodywork. I have always wondered why people use these things. They seem to be designed to protect the bodywork.

My own opinion is that the bodywork doesn't need to be protected. After my accident on the 401 where the bike slid on its left side, there was no damage to any bodywork at all. Besides, these bikes won't win any beauty contests and can take a scratch or two.

The only thing that might be critical to protect is the radiator. There is a simple add-on from companies such as Happy Trail that is much smaller and lighter that will protect the radiator. I have this bar on my own KLR and it is good peace of mind

This bike had very mild dual sport tires on it. His tires and the extra weight of the Nerf Bars make it much more likely that he will need those protective bars one day.

My recommendation for this owner would be to save the weight and money and get some KiLleR tires such as aggressive Dunlop D606. These tires, along with a minimalist travel style will help ensure he never crashes his bike.

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