May 16, 2011

Work progresses on the ST1100

Spent some time recently working on putting the ST1100 together. I would like to use it this weekend so I need to hustle. I put the new-to-me differential on the swingarm, I replaced the fuel sender, and I put the new spline on the rear wheel.

Here is the new fuel sender installed on the side of the fuel tank.

Here is the inside guts of the old fuel sender. A winding was broken near one end. I moved the wire slightly to make it easier to see. The fuel reading would drop to zero about 50 km into a tank.

Here is my "new" differential on the bike. Shop manual calls for mounting and torqueing everything with the wheel first, then torqueing the four differential mounting bolts last. The old differential is on the floor.

Here is a photo of the old wheel splines and the new ones. The spline should be flat-topped and wide. The old ones are worn to sharp points.

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