Jun 27, 2010

Annual Maintenance Complete (Whew!)

It feels good when all the maintenance on the motorcycles is up to date.

I just completed a round of maintenance on the KLR650 and the ST1100. Here is what I did.


  • fork oil
  • flush front and rear brake fluid
  • flush and fill radiator
  • motor oil and filter
  • clean foam air filter and re-oil
  • new spark plug
  • sonic wash and completely overhaul the carburetor
  • remove coolant overflow tank, clean and refill
(and that's besides doing the doohickey inside the engine and installing
grease nipples on the rear suspension)

  • fork oil
  • replace blown headlight bulb
  • flush and fill radiator
  • remove, clean, and refill coolant overflow bottle
  • flush front and rear brake lines with new fluid
  • replace differential fluid
  • clean and re-grease speedometer cable core
  • flush clutch line with new fluid
  • engine oil and filter
  • carburetor synchronization
  • valve clearance check
  • (plugs, filters, clutch, timing belt, and water pump were new last year)

I also did some maintenance on Jane's Yamaha XT225

  • flush front brake line with new fluid
  • engine oil and filter
  • Clean and re-oil air filter
  • Apply grease to all the rear suspension grease fittings
  • replace leaking base gasket between cylinder and engine block

We should be ready for our excursion to James Bay in Northern Quebec in a week.

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