Aug 21, 2009

Arrived In Spartanburg

I am here in Spartanburg, South Carolina. It is Friday, August the 21st. The rally starts on Monday.

No official functions on the roster today. Just doing a few little things to make sure I am ready. I will likely do some mapping work to prepare myself for plotting bonuses for the rally. Also a nap is in order for this afternoon. It was a long day yesterday riding down here from London, Ontario.

The bike suffered a fuel starvation issue during a long hot slog through a clogged interstate highway. Neil Ward's KLR650 also was acting up during the ride down. His temperature gauge is faulty.

Sal Terranova from Buffalo rode with us on his ST1100. All three of us are in the rally. His bike was the only one that did not act up. I must say thanks to Sal for providing me with a few camera memory cards and a Camelbak drinking system for my use during the rally. I will also take this time to thank Inglis Cycle Centre in London Ontario, who have been generous in my preparations leading up to the rally.

Due to the wishes of the rally organizers, this event will maintain its amateur non-commercial nature this year. This means that I must cover up or remove any companies decal that may be on the bike. Another duty I will be performing over the next few days.

The 1300 km I rode yesterday to get here is the longest ride I have taken all year and I feel it. Oh boy...


  1. Good Luck Thane!

    I will be watching here from the comforts of home but wishing I was there in the field with you guys.

    Best of Luck to you - Safe Riding!

    Allan Archibald
    ST1300 Nova Scotia

  2. good luck Thane!
    Greg McQueen, 97.99.01 ibr

  3. Got a couple of good photos and one short video clip of the start. I'll send them off after it's all over. Best of luck - I know you've got the skill.
    Bob Munden
    Windsor, Ontario